Air Conditioning

What Does The A/C System In My Car Do?


An Air Conditioning Compressor
The most obvious answer to this question is that the A/C system produces cool air to keep passengers comfortable during warm weather. A lesser known fact is that your a/c system is also responsible for clearing fog and frost from your windshield & windows so you can see during inclement weather!

Why Is It Important To Maintain Your A/C System?

There are several components that work together to keep your air conditioning system operating properly.

  • The compressor to pressurize the system
  • The seals, gaskets, and lines to seal in the refrigerant
  • The condenser and evaporator to extract heat and moisture from the system
  • The sensors, controls, and wiring to ensure proper function

If any of the A/C components are not operating as they should be, the system may malfunction or stop functioning completely.

Maintaining Your A/C System!

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