What Do The Brakes In My Car Do?

A picture of performance brakes

STOP! Not you, the brakes! Having properly functioning brakes is important for you and the passengers in your car, but also for other drivers and pedestrians on or near the road. Many people think braking systems are simple and often times call to ask “how much does it cost to fix my brakes.” Since the system is complex with many components, brake repair is impossible to diagnose over the phone without evaluating the entire braking system. Brake systems also vary slightly by the particular make and model.

Why Is It Important To Maintain My Brakes?

Your braking system is the most important safety component of your vehicle. Being able to slow down or stop is essential! There are several common brake problems and symptoms to keep an eye out for.

Ignoring or delaying brake repairs, such as low brake fluid, a spongy brake pedal, worn brake pads or grinding, can not only become more costly, but also hazardous on the roadways to you and others.

Common Brake Complaints & Issues:

  • Noise: That pesky squeaking/squeal, grinding, or rattling
  • Sticky Pedal: A delay in the pedal releasing
  • Spongy Pedal: The pedal going all the way to the floor
  • Hard Pedal: Difficulty pushing the pedal down
  • Pull: Vehicle veers to one side when braking
  • Vibration: Shaking felt in the steering wheel when braking (worse at high speeds)

Maintaining Your Braking System

Regular maintenance will help detect and prevent premature wear to the operating hardware and hydraulic components of the braking system. Your brake system is part of your vehicle’s preventative maintenance. It’s wise to do brake repairs before they become a problem. Skipping preventative maintenance may seem like a good idea because of the initial cost. However, worn brake pads, overheating rotors or low brake fluid can cost you more in the long run. Following an inspection and maintenance schedule can save you money in excess brake repairs and keep your car on the road longer.

During our evaluation of your brakes, we take pictures of any concerns we find and input all of our findings into our digital inspection system. When complete, our service advisors will have all of this information at their fingertips and will generate an estimate based off the inspection result. They will then be able to give you an overall picture of what was found and what it will take to properly complete your brake repairs.