What Is The Suspension In My Car?

A suspension strut

The suspension system is made up of several components – shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, struts, control arms, tie rods, mounts/bushings – that work together to ensure a quiet, smooth, and safe ride.

Why Is It Important To Maintain My Vehicle’s Suspension?

Suspension components wear out over time and should be serviced as needed to maintain the efficiency and safety of your vehicle. Road conditions, such as potholes, cracks, salt, and sand, may cause some suspension components to wear out sooner than normal. Repairing minor suspension concerns before they become bigger, more costly, or safety issues is important. A bumpy ride or abnormally worn tires are common signs of suspension issues. Abnormally worn tires could affect your traction, make driving unsafe, or may even cause more frequent tire replacement ($$). If suspension concerns are not addressed in a timely manor, a component could potentially break and leave you stranded or cause you to lose control of your vehicle…neither ideal. Obviously, utilizing an experienced repair shop is essential.

Maintaining The Suspension System

Our ASE certified technicians will utilize the most advanced tools and equipment to inspect and diagnose the condition of each suspension component. During the evaluation, we will take pictures of any concerns we find and compile an easy to understand digital inspection report. We will be able to evaluate the severity of the issue and what will need to be replaced to get you back on the road safely in a timely manner.