What Is The Transmission In My Car?

Thumbnail of a vehicle transmission

The transmission is an essential component of your vehicle. The job of the transmission is to convert the rotations of the engine’s crankshaft into power to make the wheels turn. The transmission allows the vehicle to operate efficiently at different speeds. The transmission also enables you to shift from forward to reverse, and it engages into park for your car to stay in place when you leave it.

Why Transmission Maintenance Is Important

There are a few common transmission issues that can lead to bigger repairs if not addressed right away. Fluid leaks, slipping clutches, and dirty fluid are amongst the most common to cause internal failures. Gears, sensors, and even wiring issues can cause your transmission to stop functioning as it should. If the warning signs are ignored, transmission repairs can be much more extensive and expensive, including a complete transmission replacement.

Common Transmission Failures and Issues:

  • Shifting issues
  • Fluid leaks under the vehicle
  • Clunking when shifting into gear
  • Check engine light illumination

Maintaining A Transmission

Performing regular maintenance services on your transmission can help prevent major repairs and extend the lifespan of your transmission. If diagnosed early on, repairs can be minimized, so call us as soon as you notice something different! Keep an eye out for:

At Auto Stop Elite, your vehicle will be thoroughly examined by one of our ASE certified technicians. We will provide you with a detailed diagnosis and an accurate estimate. Keep up with your transmission services according to the factory scheduled maintenance specific to your vehicle. If you don’t know what those are for your vehicle, give us a call! You can count on us to find the best solution for all your transmission maintenance and repair needs in Sterling, Virginia.