A Brief History of Audi -- Auto Stop Elite

A Brief History of Audi — Auto Stop Elite

Driving What You Love, Loving What You Drive

The Audi brand has quite a following, and with good reason. Audi has frequently ranked high on overall customer satisfaction as well as with individual models. Survey data indicates that drivers who choose an Audis tend to love them. All vehicle enthusiasts know that you need to show that car some positive attention with preventive maintenance services and timely repairs if you love what you drive. That will help you keep your jewel running well for a long time. For exceptional Audi service and repair, the choice of Virginia residents is Auto Stop Elite in Sterling (Dulles area). We are committed to being more than just a repair shop. We put people first and vehicles second. Our ASE Master certified technicians are experienced with your beloved brand, and we back our work with a generous 36 month/36,000-mile warranty. We even provide a year of roadside assistance when you spend more than $25 with us.

Audi Through the Years

Founded in 1899 by August Horch, the fledgling company went through several name variations before becoming known by the iconic Audi moniker in 1910. The recognizable four rings of the logo were not used until 1932 when the four automakers of the German Saxony region (Audi, Horch, DKW, and Wanderer merged into the conglomerate Auto Union AG. When World War II concluded, the manufacturer found itself located on Soviet-occupied ground. By 1948, the Soviet troops had plundered the assets and closed the plant. In 1949-1950, however, Auto Union GmbH resurrected the branding in a new location (Ingolstadt). After that, Audi regained its presence and went on to be a leader in various arenas, including technology and racing.

Only the Best for You

Congratulations on selecting a car that you love, one that makes your vehicle more than just transportation. The manufacturer made commitments to you long before you made your purchase. Audi is known the world over for quality. For example, the company uses only superior materials. This includes carpeting, seat covers, dashboard materials, trim, etc. Further, the company takes steps to ensure reliability and safety, using many data points to develop and refine vehicle features. Comfort and style are additional drawing points for this luxury import. Finally, the car line is known to be among the most technologically advanced and innovative on the market. Audis are recognized for their efficient weight, information management system, and cutting-edge LED lighting. When you choose a repair shop for Audi care, you deserve the very best, too, which is what we strive to be at Auto Stop Elite.

Written by Auto Stop Elite