Another BMW Oil Leak?

Another BMW Oil Leak?

Oil Leak Issues in BMW’s

Great Vehicle, Irritating Problem

You already know that your BMW is a great vehicle. However, like any automobile, it has been known to have a few quirks. For some enthusiasts, the BMW oil leak phenomenon can be irritating. If your German gem is losing its lubricant, you won’t have to worry if you bring it to Auto Stop Elite in Vienna, Virginia, for BMW repair.

Typical BMW Oil Leaks

As great as the BMW models are, owners tend to complain about oil leaks more frequently than expected. This is a particularly notorious problem for inline engines. Lubricant can leak from several spots. One such point is the rear main seal. Once there is excessive wear on the crankshaft, the seal is likely to fail, allowing motor oil to escape past the retaining lip.

Similarly, the oil pan gasket is prone to leaking over time. Once this problem develops, the front suspension will need to be removed to access the oil pan area and replace the faulty gasket. Further, the valve cover gasket can allow oil to escape. The risk increases after 60,000 miles, but the issue can sometimes occur even in newer cars.

Another typical lubricant leak can occur around the oil filter housing. There’s a gasket to prevent dripping, but if it hardens, an oil leak can present itself on the left side of the engine. The timing cover gasket seals the area between the engine block and the timing cover. A failed gasket can allow both oil and coolant to leak. Regardless of the underlying cause, oil leaks should be addressed promptly. Lubricant loss can lead to low oil levels and many other problems.

Your Local BMW Repair Specialists

If you suspect an oil leak in your vehicle, bring it to the ASE master-certified technicians at Auto Stop Elite for BMW repair. The dealership is great for making your new car purchase, but you don’t have to return to fix an oil leak. Get prompt service nearby from your local BMW repair specialists.

Written by Auto Stop Elite