Another BMW Oil Leak?

Oil Leak Issues in BMW’s Great Vehicle, Irritating Problem You already know that your BMW is a great vehicle. However, like any automobile, it has been known to have a few quirks. For some enthusiasts, the BMW oil leak phenomenon can be irritating. If your German gem is losing its lubricant, you won’t have to […]

Can Speed Bumps Damage Your Suspension?

Speed Bump or Speed Break? What Does the Suspension System Do? Let’s talk about your vehicle’s suspension system. You know it exists, but what does it do? This component group has two primary functions–to help you handle and control your car and to make your ride more comfortable. It includes all the parts that connect […]

Is the Intake Manifold in My Land Rover “Folding”?

Intake Manifold Gasket Failures in Land Rovers What Is It? Your vehicle’s intake manifold gasket is the component that prevents air from leaking out of the engine during the combustion process. It also decreases the risk of a gas explosion and helps prevent engine overheating. Like a good hand of cards, you want it to […]

BMW: Great Vehicles! Great Water Pump?

Does Your BMW’s Water Pump Need Replacing? You bought a BMW, so you know it’s a great vehicle. But what about the water pump? It depends on who you ask, and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Some drivers/owners are hesitant to give the same glowing recommendation to this important cooling system component that they […]

Keeping the Lights Bright on Your Audi

What Could be Wrong with the Lights on Your Audi? Superior Car, Superior Repairs You know you love it! Your Audi is a superior automobile. Doesn’t it deserve superior preventive maintenance services and repairs? Don’t you deserve outstanding customer service? You can get all of that when you rely on Auto Stop Elite in Vienna, […]

When it Rains, Make Sure Your Tires Won’t Leave You All Wet

Are Your Tires Ready to Protect You in Wet Weather? Maintaining Traction when Roads are Wet Even though most drivers understand the importance of traction between their vehicles and the road, grip becomes an increasing concern when roads are wet. The consequences can be deadly if tires are too slick and/or the automobile hydroplanes. The […]

Understanding Transmission Problems

What’s Wrong With My Car’s Transmission, and What Do I Do About It? Few things are worse for a driver than a transmission failure. Total failure renders your vehicle immobile, and spotty service can place you in great peril because you might become stranded as you pull out into an intersection or in the middle […]

What to Do if Your Brakes Fail

I Have No Brakes! What Do I Do? We hope you never experience a complete brake failure. If you do, however, the best thing you can do is keep a handle on your self control. Though it must be done quickly, take a deep breath and think. Don’t panic. This will allow you to act […]

Understanding Transmission Failure

How Will You Know if Your Transmission Needs Repair? Transmission failure strikes fear into the hearts of many car owners. Maybe you’re one of them, wondering how you’ll know if your vehicle has a transmission issue or if it’s headed for impending demise. As you pay attention to your automobile and driving, you’ll know if […]

Engine Maintenance Tips

Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Engine in Its Prime Vehicles can be expensive, so it’s in your best interest to protect your investment whenever possible. More importantly, you want to protect yourself by not placing yourself in undue danger as you drive and not becoming stranded beside the road. Therefore, taking care of […]

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