BMW: Great Vehicles! Great Water Pump?

BMW: Great Vehicles! Great Water Pump?

Does Your BMW’s Water Pump Need Replacing?

You bought a BMW, so you know it’s a great vehicle. But what about the water pump? It depends on who you ask, and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Some drivers/owners are hesitant to give the same glowing recommendation to this important cooling system component that they give to the car. Why? BMW uses an electric water pump on some of its engines. Many mechanics say these simply don’t last as long as their mechanical counterparts, often needing to be replaced between the 50,000 and 75,000-mile marks. Rely on Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, for BMW repair. Our ASE master-certified technicians will help you spot and correct water pump problems early before your automobile sustains further damage.

Problems You Can Recognize

Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll know if your vehicle’s water pump has an issue. We’ll need to check your car to make an accurate diagnosis, but we’re glad to relay information about a few problems you can recognize that should prompt you to bring your auto in for attention. For instance, if you see puddles or drips of colored fluid, let us identify the source. Coolant/Antifreeze may appear green or another color, but a sweet smell is a commonality between all brands. Also, an ailing water pump may produce odd noises from under the hood. Further, you may notice steam coming from the radiator. This occurs because your vehicle is already overheating. That leads to the next obvious sign–a high-temperature gauge reading or alert you see on your dashboard panel. If your instrument panel shows a red alert, stop your car immediately and turn it off to prevent additional damage that will be costly to repair. Finally, when you turn on that system, you may notice your heater blowing cold air rather than expected warm air.

BMW Repair You Can Trust

Whether you suspect a water pump problem, need another BMW repair, or want to prevent problems with maintenance services, Auto Stop Elite is the shop you can trust. Our experienced staff performs the highest quality of work backed by a great 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. Even better, you may be able to get this superior level of service at a discount, so be sure to check out our Specials tab. Stop by today to get stellar care for your automobile.

Written by Auto Stop Elite