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Full-Service BMW Care

For over 100 years, BMW has been one of the top imports in the world, and for good reason. With a high-powered engine and sleek design, many car owners look forward to driving and owning a BMW. Each of their vehicles is carefully crafted and their team dedicates time to each make and model that leaves their factory. BMW is a luxury brand and pushes the envelope of design, performance, and technology. So when it comes to car care, it’s understandable that a BMW vehicle needs to follow a specific maintenance system and schedule. That’s where Auto Stop Elite comes in.

Our Master ASE Certified technicians are trained to follow the factory-standard processes and schedules that BMW requires for each of their vehicles. Our shop has invested in all BMW factory software. We are able to provide you with all services the dealer can, at a more afforable price. Whether you need general maintenance or a transmission repair, our team will perform the service at the standard BMW expects!

BMW Maintenance Services

When you bring your BMW in for general maintenance, our Master ASE technicians will follow the Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system that’s been established by BMW. What’s wonderful about this system is that it explicitly tells you what’s going on with your vehicle and what needs servicing. It will inform you about your vehicle’s oil life*, cabin air filter, brake pad wear, brake fluid level & condition, spark plugs, and diesel filter (for diesel engines). If any of these service lights are triggered, make sure you visit an Auto Stop Elite Master ASE technician as soon as possible!

For older BMW vehicles, our shop also performs the usual Inspection I and II Maintenance Services. The biggest difference for each inspection comes from the length of time in-between each repair. Along with the usual undercarriage and engine compartment inspection, Inspection II services will also include:

  • Replace all hydraulic fluid

  • Change spark plugs and fuel filter

  • Service fuel injectors

  • Replace thermostat

  • Evacuate and recharge BMW A/C system

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

Every BMW repair begins with an accurate diagnostic service. We use the industry’s most advanced technologies to find out exactly what’s happening under the hood. Leave your BMW in the hands of our capable and well-trained service experts to avoid an expensive and time-consuming misdiagnosis. If you notice any early warning signs of trouble–engine knocking, noisy brakes, transmission slipping–let us know so we can handle it for you immediately.

Minor & Major Engine Repairs

The BMW service experts at Auto Stop Elite can handle all BMW repairs or maintenance needs. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle and we have a variety of BMW approved services which include:

  • Cooling System Repair and Maintenance
  • VANOS Repairs
  • Exhaust System Repairs
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Brake Repairs
  • A/C Repairs
  • Electrical System Repairs

Schedule Your BMW Repair With Us!

Choosing the right shop for all of your BMW services is vital to your import’s quality performance. Auto Stop Elite wants all BMW drivers in the Sterling, VA area to know that we’re ready to provide your BMW vehicle with the care it needs. Give us a call at 571-313-1122 and schedule an appointment with us today! Need immediate BMW care? No problem. Visit our shop at 21563 Cascades Parkway! We accept walk-ins!*

*Walk-in availability determined by daily schedule.

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