Can My Tire Be Repaired?

Can My Tire Be Repaired?

Does Your Tire’s Damage Qualify?

Dealing with tire damage and wondering if it can be repaired or if you need a replacement? It’s no surprise to the team at Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia that our customers want to save money on their car’s services wherever possible. Why replace a tire that can be repaired just as safely? A professional tire repair could help you save money and the stress that comes with spending it! Unfortunately, not all types of damages can be safely repaired. Here are the criteria that must be met to complete a patch or plug.

Where Is the Damage?

The first step to determining if a tire can be safely patched is locating the damage. Where exactly has the tire sustained a puncture or tear? If it’s within the tread area, you can move forward with the next checks. Damage outside of the tread area on the side walls cannot be repaired.

How Is It Damaged?

Was the tire shredded from a blowout? Has it gone flat from a gash or tear? In these instances, the tire will need to be replaced. Only punctures smaller than ¼ inch in diameter can be safely fixed.

When inspecting the severity of the tire’s damage, it’s a good idea to also look at the tread depth. Tire tread wears over time and if it gets too low, the tires need to be replaced. If your tires are nearing their minimum level, it might be best to opt for a replacement that guarantees better control and traction.

Has the Tire Lost Pressure?

If the small puncture is within the tread area, your tire is still not in the clear for a patch. If you didn’t catch the damage right away and continued driving your vehicle, the tire may have lost its structural integrity. If there was a significant loss in air pressure, the tire would need to be replaced.

Think your tire meets all of these criteria? Bring it to the experts at Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia for a professional patch! You’ll save money and restore your car’s safety!

Written by Auto Stop Elite