Can Speed Bumps Damage Your Suspension?

Can Speed Bumps Damage Your Suspension?

Speed Bump or Speed Break?

What Does the Suspension System Do?

Let’s talk about your vehicle’s suspension system. You know it exists, but what does it do? This component group has two primary functions–to help you handle and control your car and to make your ride more comfortable. It includes all the parts that connect your automobile’s frame to the road (joints, linkages, shocks/struts, springs, bushings, rods, wheels/tires). If the suspension is damaged, the result is more than just a rough ride. You can have trouble safely controlling your car, other components can incur stress-related damage, and your tires may wear out sooner. Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, can help you with suspension repair and prevent many of the resulting issues.

Can Speed Bumps Damage Suspension?

While many factors can contribute to suspension damage, can hitting a speed bump cause a problem? In a word, yes! As all drivers know, the point of a speed bump is to get motorists to slow down. The premise is that slowing to ease over a speed bump contributes to general velocity reduction through a designated area that deserves a heightened caution level. As good as that idea might be, the fact is that most of us have at some point simply missed seeing the hump ahead of us and slammed into it too quickly. That abrupt jolt can indeed contribute to suspension damage. Your shocks can “bottom out,” causing them to move beyond normal limits. It can also put stress on other suspension parts.

Can Suspension Damage be Repaired?

Although nobody wants to incur suspension damage, the great news is that you can fix it with suspension repair at Auto Stop Elite. Our ASE master-certified technicians have experience with all makes and models. Moreover, we back the repairs we make with a generous 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. As a family-owned business, we care about our clients and our community. We even offer incentives when you entrust us with your auto repairs, so be sure to ask about our Rewards program.

Written by Auto Stop Elite