BMW Repair

Another BMW Oil Leak?

Oil Leak Issues in BMW’s Great Vehicle, Irritating Problem You already know that your BMW is a great vehicle. However, like any automobile, it has been known to have a few quirks. For some enthusiasts, the BMW oil leak phenomenon can be irritating. If your German gem is losing its lubricant, you won’t have to […]

BMW: Great Vehicles! Great Water Pump?

Does Your BMW’s Water Pump Need Replacing? You bought a BMW, so you know it’s a great vehicle. But what about the water pump? It depends on who you ask, and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Some drivers/owners are hesitant to give the same glowing recommendation to this important cooling system component that they […]

How do I Know If My BMW Needs Repair and What Kind Should I Get?

Is It Time for Inspection I or II? Luxury cars like BMW’s have luxury needs. If you’re a proud owner of one of these gorgeous vehicles, it’s crucial to stay on top of your maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and protect your investment for the long-term. To keep your BMW running […]