Brake Repair

Great Brakes, Great Shop, Great Falls — Auto Stop Elite

Good to Great While most people are content with good brakes and a good repair shop, don’t you deserve great brakes, great mechanical repairs, and great customer service? Of course, you do! At Auto Stop Elite, we’ve been making sure you get all the great things you deserve since our beginnings as a mobile shop […]

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Brake System

Here’s What You Need to Know Whether it’s hydraulic, electromagnetic, servo, or mechanical, a good braking system is essential to ensure the safe and secure operation and usage of all vehicles. But have you ever wondered how car brakes work? In this article, we’ll look at the four types of car brake systems to help […]

Do You Have Bad Brake Pads?

3 Signs Say Yes It’s always dangerous to drive around with worn or faulty brake pads. That’s because your stopping distance increases and it becomes even more difficult to stop the car. Sometimes, the brakes may fail completely. If you’re wondering whether or not you need brake repair, here are a few common indications of […]