Dealing with Mercedes-Benz Vacuum Door Lock Issues

Dealing with Mercedes-Benz Vacuum Door Lock Issues

Locking Your Lovely Vehicle

Unquestionably, your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle is lovely. Therefore, you want to lock it to prevent theft and protect yourself. That works well until the vacuum door locks fail. Then the seemingly simple act of locking your automobile becomes a problem. You don’t have to worry, however. Instead, bring your prized car to Auto Stop Elite in Vienna, Virginia, for help with the vacuum lock system and all your Mercedes-Benz repair needs.

Trouble with the Vacuum Lock System

Clearly, the Mercedes-Benz line of automobiles is highly respected and reliable. The company has been a successful automaker for decades, and the current average driver has used their German model for 13-17 years. Even so, every vehicle has something that may fail. One of those items on the Mercedes-Benz is the vacuum door lock. This system was developed as cutting-edge technology many years ago. Using vacuum pressure allows all doors to lock simultaneously (based on driver’s door control). The design worked well enough that it has remained in use for years. Over time, however, the locking method can lose its ability to function. One problem can be aged, cracked hoses. Air leaks break the vacuum suction, impeding the ability to lock. Similarly, the vacuum pump may fail, meaning there is insufficient or no suction. Also, if the actuator leaks, a similar result occurs. Finally, wiring that delivers the necessary power to the system can become frayed, wet, or disconnected. The wiring near the pump is one area for concern, but so is that inside the passenger cabin. That’s because it’s located under the driver’s seat. With movement forward and back over time, the wiring and wear or pull apart at the connection point. Regardless of the problem, you’ll want to have the locking mechanism repaired so that you and your automobile are adequately protected.

Reliable Mercedes-Benz Repair Near You

While dealerships are great for new car purchases, there’s no need to spend the extra time and money to return for subsequent maintenance and repair. You have a reliable facility for Mercedes-Benz repair nearby at Auto Stop Elite. Our ASE master certified technicians have years of experience with your German transportation, and we back our repair work with a generous 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Written by Auto Stop Elite