Do You Have Bad Brake Pads?

Do You Have Bad Brake Pads?

3 Signs Say Yes

It’s always dangerous to drive around with worn or faulty brake pads. That’s because your stopping distance increases and it becomes even more difficult to stop the car. Sometimes, the brakes may fail completely. If you’re wondering whether or not you need brake repair, here are a few common indications of bad brake pads. You can also ask the experts at Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia to take a look!

Squishy Feeling When You Brake

If you feel like you need to press your brake pedal down further and harder than you used to, you may need brake service. “Squishy” brakes indicate worn brake pads that should be replaced right away. The longer you go without replacing them, the harder and further you will need to push down on your pedal, until eventually your brakes stop working altogether. This severely inhibits the safety of your vehicle, so don’t ignore the problem!

Squealing and Screeching Sounds

It’s not normal to hear squealing, screeching, or grinding sounds when you try to slow or stop your car. Unusual noises like these indicate that your brake pads and shoes need to be inspected as soon as possible. They are likely getting too worn and need replacement. In some cases, dirt or small rocks may be to blame for strange noises when you slow down, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your ability to stop your car.

Burnt or Pungent Smells

Do you smell a burnt or otherwise pungent smell when you bring your vehicle to a stop? If so, you may need brake service. It isn’t normal for brakes to smell bad when you use them normally, and if they do, it’s a sign they’re wearing out and need repairs. Contact an expert soon.

Schedule Your Brake Repair

If you have suspicions that your brakes aren’t functioning properly, it’s best to have them checked out by a trusted professional. Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia offers reliable brake maintenance and repair services. To schedule your appointment, contact us through our online form or call us directly during normal business hours.

Written by Auto Stop Elite