Great Brakes, Great Shop, Great Falls -- Auto Stop Elite

Great Brakes, Great Shop, Great Falls — Auto Stop Elite

Good to Great

While most people are content with good brakes and a good repair shop, don’t you deserve great brakes, great mechanical repairs, and great customer service? Of course, you do! At Auto Stop Elite, we’ve been making sure you get all the great things you deserve since our beginnings as a mobile shop in 1995. Better yet, you’ll find us practically in your backyard in the Great Falls area of Vienna, Virginia.

Recognizing the Need For Brake Repair

Perhaps you’re wondering how you will know it’s time to visit us for brake repair. Although we’ll need to look at your brakes to make an accurate diagnosis, there are some recognizable signs that should prompt you to bring in your vehicle for attention. If you’re hearing grinding, squealing, or squeaking when you apply brakes, your auto may have worn brake pads. Since they’re metal, once they wear beyond a certain point, they can cause damage. Also, pay attention to a brake pedal that feels “soft” or spongy. This could potentially indicate a problem with the master cylinder, the reservoir that holds the brake fluid. This fluid is necessary for traveling through brake lines, creating enough pressure on braking components to generate contact, create friction, and stop the car. If fluid leaks from the master cylinder (through a crack, defect, etc.), there may not be enough force for safe braking. Additionally, make a mental note of where your brake pedal usually stops when you press it. If your vehicle has power brakes, the pedal should stop about an inch to an inch and a half from the floor. It needs to rest at least three inches from the floor in a car with manual brakes.

Let our technicians make an accurate call if the brake light comes on. This could be a simple reminder for maintenance, or it could indicate a larger issue. Rotors are large metal discs just inside the wheel. They need to be evenly thick and smooth. If you feel scraping, they are wobbling or vibrating when braking, the rotors could be warped. This impeded the ability of the pads, held by calipers, to contact the rotors. Pulling to the side when you apply brakes could mean calipers or brake lines need replacing. Finally, a burning odor may point to an engaged emergency brake or stuck caliper.

Reliable Brake Repair in Your Neighborhood

Why go anywhere else when you have superior brake service and repair available close to home at Auto Stop Elite? All of our technicians are ASE Master certified. What’s more, we actively work to build positive relationships with our clients, offering amenities such as shuttle service and essentials like a great 36 month-36,000 mile limited warranty.

Written by Auto Stop Elite