Is the Intake Manifold in My Land Rover "Folding"?

Is the Intake Manifold in My Land Rover “Folding”?

Intake Manifold Gasket Failures in Land Rovers

What Is It?

Your vehicle’s intake manifold gasket is the component that prevents air from leaking out of the engine during the combustion process. It also decreases the risk of a gas explosion and helps prevent engine overheating. Like a good hand of cards, you want it to keep moving forward in the game. Just as “folding” indicates that you’re out for the rest of a particular hand of cards, an ailing intake manifold gasket can lead to issues until your engine “folds.” Before things rise to this level, bring your sport utility vehicle to Auto Stop Elite in Vienna, Virginia, for Land Rover repair.

How Will You Know?

Although we’ll need to evaluate your automobile to diagnose the problem accurately, we’re glad to share the most common ways you’ll know if your intake manifold gasket is failing. Often, you’ll experience a dramatic reduction in fuel mileage. (This can also point to other issues.) You may also notice rough idling and/or backfiring due to the breach that allows air to escape during combustion. You may also see a coolant drip (usually a greenish color and perhaps a sweet odor). This fluid escape is frequently accompanied by corrosive spots under the hood. And, of course, this same issue leads to another tell-tale sign, the dreaded overheating car. You may see the temperature increasing on your dashboard gauge. In severe cases, your automobile may even start to steam. You should operate the vehicle if it runs hot. This can lead to severe damage or even catastrophic engine failure.

Where Can You Go?

If you notice any trouble that might indicate a failing intake manifold gasket or if you’re simply ready for preventive maintenance services to head off trouble, visit Auto Stop Elite for Land Rover repair. Our family-operated team has years of experience and ASE master technician certification. Also, we guarantee our repairs with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

Written by Auto Stop Elite