Keeping the Lights Bright on Your Audi

Keeping the Lights Bright on Your Audi

What Could be Wrong with the Lights on Your Audi?

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A General Overview of Lighting Problems

As you already know, modern automobiles like your Audi have several lights both in the interior and on the vehicle’s exterior. Generally, they work well for a long time. However, they are not foolproof. One issue that can cause all of your lights to dim or even go out completely is alternator failure. That’s because lights are electrical components. Your car’s alternator provides power and recharges the battery as you drive, ensuring that the lights have the stored energy they need to operate at all times. When headlights give trouble, the underlying cause is often a bad wiring connection (which can cause either flickering or an outage), a burned-out bulb (outage), or a blown fuse (outage). At the other end, tail light trouble might be attributed to a dead bulb, bad wiring, a blown fuse, or a loose bulb socket. Turn signals (blinkers) to blink at a more rapid than designed pace. This usually occurs when someone has installed aftermarket parts that are not compatible with your Audi model. If your interior (passenger cabin) lights don’t work, check the dome light switch to the left of the steering column. It should be switched to the “on” position for the lights to work. If the interior lights are flickering, consider the possibility of faulty wiring.

Lights and Your Audi

As terrific as the Audi line is, some owners complain that the automaker’s headlights go out more often or sooner than expected. Often, the culprit is a burned-out lamp. Regardless of the lighting trouble on your vehicle, you can count on Auto Stop Elite for Audi repair.

Written by Auto Stop Elite