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Land Rovers were built to endure the backroads with as much ease as it handles the interstate. Its rugged and durable design was built with the adventurous driver in mind. Despite that, it can run into some tricky situations when you’re driving on- or off-road. Land Rover’s are unique because they have an air suspension system that requires specific maintenance and upkeep, as well as a unique braking and stability system to handle the weight of the vehicle. So when your Land Rover needs auto care, it needs a team that’s familiar with the brand and the variety of issues it could encounter. Fortunately for your Land Rover, Auto Stop Elite is that team.

Our Land Rover service experts will be able to repair any damage your vehicle sustains and provide the care it needs so it’s always performing at its highest level. Whether you need general maintenance or you’re having problems with your air suspension, our team will be able to get your Land Rover operating at the performance you expect it to!

Land Rover and Range Rover Maintenance Schedule

As your Land Rover continues to pile up the miles, it will need service experts with a close attention to detail. The Land Rover and the Range Rover are at the top of their class and they require technicians who understand quality auto care. At Auto Stop Elite, our Master ASE Certified technicians are well-trained and are up-to-date with the industry’s most advanced technologies to handle any of your Land Rover’s repairs and maintenance service needs.

Each Land Rover vehicle will require different inspections and repairs at varying mileage intervals. Driving habits and overall care of the vehicle also plays a part in when a person will need their Land Rover serviced. Despite that, there are some similarities that span across every make and model but make sure to read your manufacturer’s guide for the exact mile intervals for each maintenance service.

  • Motor Oil — 5,000 Miles

  • Cabin Air Filter — 15,000 Miles

  • Brakes — 30,000 Miles

  • Suspension Inspection — 30,000 Miles

  • Fuel Line Inspection — 60,000 Miles

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