Live to Drive Another Day: Safe Driving Tips -- Auto Stop Elite

Live to Drive Another Day: Safe Driving Tips — Auto Stop Elite

Safe Driving Matters

If you aren’t safe, nothing else along with your drive matters–not the make and model vehicle you drive, not the destination. At Auto Stop Elite in the Great Falls area of Vienna, Virginia, we value our customers. We want you to live to drive another day. Therefore, we want to offer some reminders about maintaining focus on operating your car. Also, when you need services or repairs to keep your auto in safe, operable condition, our ASE Master certified technicians are here to help you with that.

Attention Competition

Any experienced driver recognizes how easily your attention can be drawn from the road and quickly a catastrophe can happen. Even so, it’s hard to maintain your focus on the driving task every second, yet that’s what’s needed. To help with this, be aware of some of the most common driving distractions so that you can make a conscious effort to avoid them. Many driving distractions aren’t themselves dangerous, but once they take your attention from the road, they can be deadly. These risks are categorized as visual, manual, or cognitive distractions. As you guess, visual distractions cause you to look away from your path of travel. These include looking at a passenger as they speak to you, looking at the GPS screen, trying to find something you need, or reading a message on your phone. Manual distractions are those that entice you to remove your hands from the steering wheel. For instance, you might be wiping your hands with a napkin, eating, or handing a dropped toy to a toddler. Even passenger cabin controls such as the radio or air conditioner can cause this. Finally, cognitive distractions make you lose your mental focus. This might be daydreaming, carrying on an in-depth conversation (even on a hands-free phone), or drowsiness.

Keeping Your Car Roadworthy

In addition to keeping yourself in the driving game visually, manually, and cognitively, you should make sure that your vehicle is in the best condition it can be. This will help you avoid roadside breakdowns that could put you at risk and mechanical problems that compromise safety. One common issue, for instance, is a braking system in disrepair. You need to stop quickly in an emergency, so you should have your brakes serviced regularly. Also, don’t ignore the warning signs of brake problems. Another problem that could pose a danger is a poorly performing transmission. It could cause your car to hesitate in traffic. This can be dangerous. Auto Shop Elite is here to help you avoid perilous mechanical failures.

Written by Auto Stop Elite