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Complete A & B Services

The Mercedes brand takes pride in the vehicles that roll out of their factory. Each vehicle is finely tuned and expertly crafted to provide customers with the best driving experience possible. So when a Mercedes vehicle needs service, it needs to follow a specific process laid out by the engineering team. These factory-scheduled services are designed to make sure you avoid costly Mercedes repairs and system malfunctions.

It takes the Mercedes repair and maintenance service experts at Auto Stop Elite to keep it on course. We have invested in all Mercedes factory software to ensure premiere service. We adhere to Mercedes’ preventative maintenance schedule — the specialized A Services & B Services. Our Master ASE Certified technicians will be able to perform these services at the standard Mercedes expects so you can drive your vehicle with confidence.

What’s the Difference Between A & B?

The Mercedes’ A and B Services are actually very similar. Most of the maintenance services that are performed during the A Service are the same services performed during the B Service. These are alternating service intervals that make sure owners maintain all of their Mercedes’ vital systems—engine, mechanical, electrical. B Services include a few extra services that make sure no service needs slip through the cracks.

A Services

Owners that go through the A Service can expect it to occur after 10,000 miles or one year. After this inspection, you’ll have your B Service and subsequent services occur after every 20,000 miles or two years. Here’s what you’ll expect during your A Service inspection.

  1. Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement

  2. Oil Filter Replacement

  3. All fluid level checks & corrections based on factory-recommended service intervals for specific year & model

  4. Tire Inflation Check & Correction

  5. Brake Component Inspection

  6. Reset Maintenance Counter

B Services

Owners that go through the B Service can expect it to occur after 20,000 miles or two years after your A Service visit. After this visit, any subsequent visits will occur at the same mile and time intervals. Here’s what to expect during your B Service visit.

  1. Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement

  2. Oil Filter Replacement

  3. Cabin Dust/Combination Filter Replacement

  4. Brake Fluid Exchange

  5. All fluid level checks & correction based on factory-recommended service intervals for specific year & model

  6. Tire Inflation Check & Correction

  7. Brake Component Inspection

  8. Reset Maintenance Counter

Flexible Service System

Mercedes also uses a Flexible Service System (FSS) that works in conjunction with A&B service intervals and is prompted by indicators on the control panel of the vehicle. It is important you maintain your Mercedes with a Factory Trained Technician so that they can properly evaluate what the vehicle is requiring.

Mercedes Service Experts on Standby!

Even with a strict service schedule, it is possible for you to run into an emergency situation. Whether it’s normal wear-and-tear or you have a minor accident, our Master ASE technicians are ready and waiting to get you back on the road. We understand that you have better places to be and a schedule to keep. Auto Stop Elite is here to solve any of your Mercedes’ unique performance issues.

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When your Mercedes needs to go through its factory-scheduled A or B Service, know that Auto Stop Elite is here for you. Our Mercedes service experts are ready to provide the care your Mercedes needs so you can get back on the road! Give us a call at 571-313-1122 and schedule an appointment with us today! Need immediate Mercedes care? No problem. Visit our shop at 21563 Cascades Parkway! We accept walk-ins!*

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