STOP! Don't Ignore Braking Issues in Your Mercedes

STOP! Don’t Ignore Braking Issues in Your Mercedes

What You Need to Know About the Brakes in Your Mercedes-Benz

You’ve Got to Stop

No matter what, where, or why you drive, you’ve got to stop. You selected a Mercedes-Benz, so you already know how great the brand’s vehicles are. Even so, you could still encounter braking issues. If you do, there’s no need to worry or rush back to the dealership. Instead, bring your vehicle to Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, for Mercedes-Benz repair. Our ASE master certified technicians will take care of your car’s braking system problems, ensuring your ability to stop safely.

Common Braking Issues

Most brake system problems in the Mercedes-Benz automobile line mirror those in any automaker’s products. For example, strange new sounds such as grinding, squeaking, or squealing when you apply brakes indicate the need for a brake inspection. The brake pads likely need replacing. Likewise, a leak that streaks the pavement when you brake probably points to a leak. We’ll need to check your brake lines and related components, correcting any problems that allow your brake fluid to escape. A related issue is a spongy or soft brake pedal. Usually, it’s indicative of a cracked master cylinder. The resulting fluid leak spells trouble in both cases because your braking system works on hydraulic pressure. Low or no fluid means no brakes. Specific to the Mercedes-Benz line, there are two noted common owner complaints about brakes. The GL sometimes has a vibration in the front brakes. This often occurs because dirt gets trapped between the components near the wheels. Also, the second generation CLS has been shown to have brakes that “stick” more often than expected. Drivers say that when this happens, the brakes don’t release as soon as they lift off the pedal. Instead, they pop, hiss, and finally let go once acceleration begins. While there seems to be no problem stopping affected cars, brakes that are engaged too long wear out sooner than they should.

Your Local Brake Shop for Mercedes-Benz Repair

Whether you’re ready for a routine brake inspection or need repair for a known general or Mercedes-Benz-specific braking problem, you can count on Auto Stop Elite. With years of experience with all makes and models, our team stands ready to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your braking system. Even better, our repairs are covered by an outstanding warranty. We look forward to helping you with all your Mercedes-Benz repair needs.

Written by Auto Stop Elite