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Do You Need a New Tire?

When you experience a flat tire, the first thing you think about is how you’re going to replace it. There’s no way a flat tire can be fixed, right? You’ll have to get a new one? Well, not exactly. It is possible for you to repair your tire, but the tire must go through a thorough inspection. Driving with a structurally compromised tire is dangerous. This inspection will ensure your tire is qualified and safe for a repair. When you do have a flat tire and need a repair, it’s best to leave it in the hands of an Auto Stop Elite Master ASE technician.

Our Master ASE Certified technicians have the tools and knowledge to assess the damage to your tire and determine if it’s qualified for a repair. Whether you have a nail in your treads or a gash on the side, our team will be able to provide you with the safest solution for your tires.

Qualifications for Tire Repair

Although tire repair will always be less expensive, it may not be the best option based on the damage the tire has sustained. Tires must go through a thorough inspection and have specific requirements in order for it to be qualified for a repair. Frankly, most tire damage will lead to replacing the tire altogether. Wondering what Auto Stop Elite looks for in a tire repair? Here are some signs that’ll determine whether you need a tire repair or replacement.

External and Internal Damage

Assessing external and internal sidewall damage is important to repairing or replacing a tire. By inspecting these aspects, we can determine how much damage has been done. Sadly, it only takes a little chafing and abrasion to either sidewall to disqualify a tire. This damage can permanently weaken components like the reinforcing cords and place the tire in greater danger of failing again.

When we’re inspecting a tire, we always dismount it so we can get a full look at the damage. This is important, as the damage to the external and internal sidewalls may be different. By dismounting it, we greatly reduce the chance of sending a severely damaged tire back out into the streets.

Size, Type, and Location

Tires will need to have a specific type of damage in order for it to be qualified for a repair. The damage must occur along the tread of the tire, must be smaller than ¼-inch in diameter, and must not have any additional interior damage. Any long, jagged, or abnormal cuts or gashes immediately disqualify a tire from repair. Additionally, any damage found outside of the tread will also disqualify a tire for repair.

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