Transmission Failure 101

Transmission Failure 101

Overview of Transmission Troubles

Nobody’s Favorite Course

Nobody wants to have their vehicle’s transmission go out. When it happens, it feels like you’re getting a crash course in vehicle breakdown. The course textbook isn’t an interesting read, and the class is not a popular one. However, if your automobile has transmission trouble, bring it to Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, for expert transmission repair. Our ASE master certified technicians are equipped to work on any make or model, restoring your transportation to proper working order.

The Condensed Notes

Many have been there. You’re out of time and need to finish a book and your coursework on time. Whether or not it’s the best solution, some turn to the condensed notes for the book. Here, the overview is all you need. We’ll take care of the rest. For instance, one thing that can lead to transmission failure is a lack of clean transmission fluid. This substance lubricates the transmission parts and helps keep the unit cool. An insufficient amount or aged, degraded, nasty fluid (as evidenced by its dirty color) can cause premature transmission failure. Also, watch for fluid leaks. Have us check your vehicle if you need a clear or reddish liquid dripping from or pooling under the transmission. Further, drive sensibly so your torque converter will last as long as it should. This component is the equivalent of a manual car’s clutch. It’s responsible for power transfer. Similarly, you must take care of the clutch if you sport a manual model. Avoid riding the clutch and driving feverishly so that this component will last longer. Signs of transmission trouble that should prompt you to bring your auto in for repair include whining, difficult shifting, slipping gears (the car going in and out of gear on its own), delayed take-off, and a burning odor.

Course Remediation: Transmission Repair Near You

You can rely on Auto Stop Elite as your local trusted expert for transmission services, repairs, or even replacement should that become necessary. Better yet, our work is backed by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. Let us help you, and your automobile, pass the course and advance to the next travel adventure.

Written by Auto Stop Elite