Transmission Repair - What You Need to Know

Transmission Repair – What You Need to Know

What to Know About Transmission Repair

A Quick Review

It’s safe to say that most motorists know that a vehicle has a transmission. However, some may lack basic knowledge, so we’re glad to tell you what you need to know about transmission repair. No question is too simple or complex, so you should never hesitate to ask the ASE master certified technicians at Auto Stop Elite in Vienna, Virginia, about transmission repair. The transmission’s purpose is to supply the appropriate amount of power from the engine to the wheels to make the automobile travel at your selected speed. A manual model refers to where the driver uses a clutch to disengage the engine from the wheels and a lever or stick to shift the vehicle from one gear to another. In contrast, an automatic transmission moves into the appropriate gear with no driver action required beyond putting the car in drive and then back in park.

Common Transmission Troubles

You can’t travel without a working transmission, so you’ll have an obvious interest in avoiding trouble when you can and fixing it when something goes wrong. Mechanics and various informational sources debate whether and when transmission preventive maintenance services are necessary. Consult your owner’s manual or ask us for some advice relevant to your particular automobile. Although transmissions typically last a long time, changing gears effectively thousands of times, parts eventually wear out.

One sign to notice is an illuminated check engine light. This light typically alerts you to the engine and/or exhaust issues, but it can sometimes be the first indicator of an electrical issue related to your auto’s transmission. Also, a burning smell can emanate from various sources, one of them being a transmission that’s low on fluid, has dirty or aged fluid, or is operating using the wrong fluid. A whining noise or a shaking sensation as your car changes gears should also be noted. Delayed starts (where you press the accelerator but your vehicle doesn’t move immediately) are another indicator that this unit is ailing. Finally, slipping gears are a sure signal of transmission tribulations. This term refers to your car going in and out of gear or moving between gears on its own unexpectedly.

Reputation and Reliability Matter

When you’re seeking transmission repair, reputation and reliability matter. That’s why you should entrust your vehicle to Auto Stop Elite. We have many years of experience with all makes and models, yet we’re a family-owned facility that cares about you. Best of all, we back our work with a superior 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

Written by Auto Stop Elite