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The Importance of the Transmission

When it comes to the complexity of parts and systems in your vehicle, the transmission system tops the list, and for good reason. The transmission is one of the most important components in your vehicle as it is responsible for changing the gears. It utilizes a variety of parts, all of which must operate at just the right time. Whether you want to achieve a higher RPM or just want to put the car in park, the transmission is responsible for it all.

When you do encounter transmission problems, you need to ensure that you’re visiting a shop that fully understands transmission systems. A shop that’ll get the job done right, the first time. A shop like Auto Stop Elite. Our Master ASE Certified technicians have the skill and precision to handle any transmission problem that comes our way. Whether your transmission leaks or it’s completely blown, our team will be ready to help you!

Signs You Need a Repair

When it comes to a malfunctioning transmission, it’s best to visit our repair shop as soon as possible. Letting any problems persist will only make it worse and that can lead to an even more expensive repair bill. Though it’s tough for the everyday car owner to diagnosis the exact problem, there are a few warning signs to look out for. Not sure what those signs are? The Auto Stop Elite team is here to help you.

Fluid Leak

If you pull out of your driveway and see fluid on the ground, that could indicate that your transmission fluid is leaking. The biggest reason for this is due to a faulty part or in your transmission system. Determining where that part is located gets tricky and it is best left to an Auto Stop Elite Master ASE technician. Some common issue areas include the fluid lines, torque converter, pan gasket, seals, or transmission pan. The most common causes of transmission failure are worn fluid and low fluid level due to leaks.

Gear Shift Difficulties

If you notice any problems with shifting gears, it could be a sign of transmission problems. Make sure to stay aware of slipping gears, falling out of gear while driving, and rumbles when you shift gears. A lot of variables go into why this happens but some common ones include poor driving habits or constantly stalling out the engine (if you have a manual).

Strange Noises

Some noises that you want to listen for include grinding, whining or buzzing. If you hear any of these sounds while you’re shifting gears, or if you’re in neutral, make sure to bring your car to Auto Stop Elite. For grinding in particular, make sure to listen for where it makes the sound. If it happens when you’re changing gears, that means you may have a worn clutch. If it happens when you use your brakes, you may have completely worn out brake pads.

Schedule Your Transmission Repair With Us!

When you run into transmission trouble, make sure to call the auto repair experts at Auto Stop Elite. Our Master ASE Certified technicians will have the skill and precision to handle any transmission problem you may have, whether your gears are slipping or you’re leaking transmission fluid. Give us a call at 571-313-1122 and schedule an appointment with us today! Hear grinding sounds and need immediate service? No problem. Visit our shop at 21563 Cascades Parkway! We accept walk-ins!*

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