Understanding The Top 10 Car Repairs

Understanding The Top 10 Car Repairs

What To Expect With Your Vehicle

Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, is your one-stop-shop for auto repair. They see everything from engine repairs to routine maintenance. However, depending on how long you have been a car owner, you may be wondering about some of the most common reasons to take your car to the shop. Here are the top ten repairs and services.

1. Scheduled Maintenance

The number one reason people take their vehicle to the shop is for scheduled maintenance and inspections. While you may not know what type of maintenance your vehicle needs, you can look in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer designs these booklets to help you stay on top of fundamental issues and keep your car operating at peak performance.

2. Oil and Filter Changes

A close runner-up to scheduled maintenance are oil changes and oil filter replacements. The general rule is to schedule an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. It is also recommended that the oil filter be replaced every other oil change. However, the frequency should be specified in the owner’s manual.

3. New Tires

Another reason people will come to the shop is for unexpected tire repairs or to purcahse new ones. Tires typically only last for so many miles before the reads wear down. It is necessary to change tires before they bald to avoid potentially dangerous incidents.

4. Air Filter Replacements

The air filter for your engine should also be replaced routinely. However, it need not be replaced nearly as often. Most manufacturers suggest replacement somewhere between 15,000 and 30,000 miles.

5. Brake Work

As one of the most used and abused systems of your car, it is no surprise that brake work ranks high on the list of common car repairs. Unfortunately, how quickly brakes wear down has a lot to do with the driver.

6. Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing

Wheel alignments and tire balanacing are also a part of routine vehicle maintenance. Normal wear and tear from driving can alter the alignment of your wheels and if you drive on pothole ridden roads, it can make it even worse.

7. Battery Replacement

Another common issue is battery replacement, especially in aging cars. Batteries do not last forever and can cause panic because the engine won’t start.

8. Engine Tune-up

Last, an engine tune-up. Like any other machine, a car’s engine needs to be recalibrated and inspected routinely.

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Written by Auto Stop Elite