Understanding Transmission Failure

Understanding Transmission Failure

How Will You Know if Your Transmission Needs Repair?

Transmission failure strikes fear into the hearts of many car owners. Maybe you’re one of them, wondering how you’ll know if your vehicle has a transmission issue or if it’s headed for impending demise. As you pay attention to your automobile and driving, you’ll know if something is suddenly off with the transmission. Then you’ll know to bring your vehicle to the ASE-Master certified technicians at Auto Stop Elite in Vienna, Virginia, for transmission repair.

Signs of a Transmission Problem

There are some common signs you can watch for as you drive that could indicate the need for transmission repair. If you notice one of these signals, let us take a look at your car to make an accurate diagnosis and repair. Surprising to some drivers, the check engine light might be the first indicator that your transmission needs attention. Many people don’t associate that particular warning lamp with anything outside of the engine itself. However, because the engine and transmission work together to make and utilize the power needed to move your car, this dashboard light can indeed give you a transmission clue. Also, if you start hearing humming or whining and it’s a new noise, your vehicle may need some more transmission fluid. If that’s the case, be aware that your car could have developed a leak. Grinding can point to multiple issues, one of which is a transmission issue. We can determine the specific cause for you. Does something smell like it’s burning? Maybe it’s hot transmission fluid. This can occur if the fluid level is too low or if you have the wrong kind of fluid. Let us check the fluid itself (level and type) and look for leaks. Low fluid can also cause a delay when you try to take off from a stop. Again, this condition needs attention because it can also signal a bigger problem, such as a clutch issue if your car has a manual transmission. Your manual vehicle can also develop a dragging clutch, meaning that the flywheel isn’t disengaged when it should be. If you have trouble getting your auto to go into gear, you may need a simple computer reset (done via battery disconnection and reconnection with a pause in between). Finally, if your car “slips” in and out of gear or between gears, the power isn’t being transferred to the wheels. Therefore, your automobile temporarily cannot move. That’s dangerous if you’re in heavy traffic or near an intersection, so you should get service as soon as possible.

Trustworthy Transmission Repair

Whether the problem is simple or complex, your transmission trouble won’t get better until its source is identified and corrected. For trustworthy transmission repair, count on Auto Stop Elite.

Written by Auto Stop Elite