What to Do if Your Brakes Fail

What to Do if Your Brakes Fail

I Have No Brakes! What Do I Do?

We hope you never experience a complete brake failure. If you do, however, the best thing you can do is keep a handle on your self control. Though it must be done quickly, take a deep breath and think. Don’t panic. This will allow you to act intentionally and take steps to bring your vehicle to a safe stop. Once you’ve done that, rely on the ASE Master certified technicians at Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, for all your brake repair needs.

Specific Steps You Can Take in an Emergency

If you make the disturbing discovery that you’ve lost your brakes, there are some specific steps you should take to keep the emergency from turning into a disaster. First, try a repeated pattern of pressing and releasing your brake pedal over and over in rapid succession. This action is most often called “pumping the brake.” That strategy is often effective if you still have some brake fluid left, yet not enough to allow the braking system to function normally. If the brakes start working, bring your vehicle to a stop. Don’t continue driving. Another thing you can try is emergency (parking) brake engagement. It’s easy to forget when you’re navigating an emergency because you’ve probably only used it to keep your car from rolling from a parking space. It can, however, help you circumvent a braking crisis. Engage the brake slowly, not pushing/pulling (depending on your auto) to the maximum level in a sudden movement. Likewise, don’t forget the role your transmission can play. You can use downshifting in a manual car. If you drive an automatic, take your foot off the accelerator. As the vehicle slows, steer it to an open area away from people and obstacles. Once you are no longer moving, turn the car off. (Don’t do this until the automobile is completely stopped as it can adversely impact your ability to steer. That’s because the power steering needs power to function properly.) Of course, do not try to drive again after reaching a stop. Get an assist from a tow truck to reach our shop for brake repair.

Your Local Brake Repair Specialist

At Auto Stop Elite, our motto has always been “people first, cars second.” That’s why we’re especially concerned over your ability to stop safely. Let us help you with routine brake services that can prevent a braking emergency. If you do need brake repair, we can take care of that, too. You can feel secure knowing that our work is protected by a generous 36-month/36,000 mile warranty and even more confident in your car’s ability to stop.

Written by Auto Stop Elite