When it Rains, Make Sure Your Tires Won't Leave You All Wet

When it Rains, Make Sure Your Tires Won’t Leave You All Wet

Are Your Tires Ready to Protect You in Wet Weather?

Maintaining Traction when Roads are Wet

Even though most drivers understand the importance of traction between their vehicles and the road, grip becomes an increasing concern when roads are wet. The consequences can be deadly if tires are too slick and/or the automobile hydroplanes. The team at Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, wants to help you be as safe as possible. Therefore, we’re here to offer a few tips about traveling in damp conditions and assist you with all your tire repair needs.

Tire Maintenance and Wet Conditions

The time to ensure that your tires are safe for wet roads is before the wet weather arrives. First, be mindful of your driving habits when you purchase a new set of tires. While tires that are designed for on-road use include features to accommodate water, some have a better channeling design than others. Knowing you drive in a climate with a lot of rainfall might impact your tread pattern selection. Second, follow basic tire care best practices. This will keep your tires better prepared to protect you regardless of conditions. For example, monitor the air pressure in your tires (psi) regularly and keep your tires properly inflated. Too little pressure overheats the tires, potentially damaging the sidewalls and causing a blowout. Too much pressure prematurely wears at the center of the tread pattern. Also, have your tires rotated and balanced on the recommended schedule. This promotes uneven tire wear and allows us to catch problems early when they can be corrected. Finally, don’t use tires once the tread depth is too thin. The safe bare minimum is 2/32″– even that may not offer enough traction on damp roads.

Your Local, Reliable Tire Repair Shop

At Auto Stop Elite, we value our customers and want you to be safe. We’re always glad to inspect your tires and make related tire repairs. As a family-owned establishment with many years of combined experience, you can feel confident entrusting your tires (and your whole vehicle) to us.

Written by Auto Stop Elite