Understanding Transmission Problems

Understanding Transmission Problems

What’s Wrong With My Car’s Transmission, and What Do I Do About It?

Few things are worse for a driver than a transmission failure. Total failure renders your vehicle immobile, and spotty service can place you in great peril because you might become stranded as you pull out into an intersection or in the middle of heavy traffic. What’s more, transmission tribulations don’t get better on their own. The only solutions are to permanently park your car or get it fixed. Fortunately, you’ve got a partner for transmission repair in Auto Stop Elite in Sterling, Virginia, where we put people first and cars second.

Problems and Solutions

One of our ASE-Master certified technicians will need to check out your auto to make a precise diagnosis, but we’re glad to provide you with some generalities about the more common transmission issues and their solutions. A low transmission fluid, for example, may cause a new humming or whining noise. If this happens, we’ll need to make sure you don’t have a leak that’s causing your car to lose fluid. This lack of sufficient fluid and/or the wrong fluid type could cause the transmission temperature to become too high. When that happens, you may detect a burning odor. We’ll need to check the fluid and determine the appropriate next step based on our findings.

Likewise, consult one of our mechanics if your transmission begins grinding, as this can point to one of several gear shift problems. If your vehicle doesn’t go when you tell it to (i.e., the automobile is in gear and you’re pressing the accelerator), you could have a problem as simple as low fluid or one that’s more complex. This could include a clutch issue if you drive a manual. If your car doesn’t go into gear, you might need a computer reset where we disconnect the battery for some time and then reconnect it. If your clutch is dragging (not disengaging the flywheel), you’re likely looking at a clutch replacement. Finally, if power isn’t translating into wheel movement, your transmission is slipping. That could put you in a hazardous situation, so you’ll want to let us look at that immediately to see if you just need fluid or if a more extensive repair will be necessary.

Reputable Transmission Repair Nearby

Although transmission trouble is a major concern, a reliable repair brings great relief. This is particularly true when your repair shop has a great reputation and is close to where you work and live. Auto Stop Elite is that transmission repair shop for you, guaranteeing your satisfaction with a 36-month/36,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Written by Auto Stop Elite